HPR Interview


BIG MAHALO to Hawai‘i Public Radio for choosing to interview me this morning about the current monthly Rhythm Full Circle at Kalani Retreat.

Listen now! 


p.s. I am a Lifetime Member of HPR since 1984. If you find value in their offerings, please consider becoming a member, too!

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Are you “rhythmically challenged”?

Bhutanese prayer flags • Honolulu Academy of the Arts

Bhutanese prayer flags • Honolulu Academy of the Arts

When I talk to someone for the first time about Rhythm Full Circle, often that person claims to be “rhythmically challenged” or have “no rhythm.” How can that be? Your heart beats. Your breath flows in and out. Cycles of moons and seasons regulate your life. Our world is a symphony of vibration, pulse, and pattern.

We are rhythmic beings and being in rhythm is our natural state. When circumstances interrupt that state, when unnatural or artificial rhythms are imposed upon us,
we feel dis-ease. We suffer.

A rhythm circle, based on the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process, is a place to re-connect with our natural state. There is no agenda, schedule, exam, or grade. We don’t know how far we will go—the journey itself is the goal. In that, there can be no failure: We always achieve our goal.

Won’t you join us? Check the schedule.

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Explore Rhythm…

…from the inside out

TaKeTiNa circle participantsStarting on the Big Island March 2015. Immerse yourself in this form of moving, musical exploration. Develop your awareness and deepen your understanding of rhythm in its many forms. You don’t need to play an instrument. People from all paths come together to transform their relationship to music, to each other, and to life. Bring your curiosity! More info…

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TaKeTiNa at Polestar on the Big Island

DAM-BBO-rainbowTaKeTiNa comes to the Big Island of Hawai‘i!

Join me, Deborah, and my colleague Heidi Lawson at

Polestar Spiritual Community for

three delicious hours of  rhythmic exploration.


7 Noni Farm Road near Pāhoa

Saturday, May 17, 2014

from 1 to 4 in the afternoon

no charge  |  love donations accepted

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Rhythm & Fractals

Perfect-Geometric-Patterns-In-Nature9__880LISTEN to the report on NPR: Rhythm in music is about timing — when notes start and stop. And now scientists say they’ve found a curious pattern that’s common to musical rhythm. It’s a pattern also found in nature.

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What indeed?

whatnextI’ve just returned from the
Bay Area and a week of immersion
in the TaKeTiNa field.

This patch of sidewalk lies
just beside the community center
where all major TaKeTiNa
trainings, workshops, and
other events have taken place
over the last ten years.
I’ve tread this path many times,
but this time it held
particular significance.

Perhaps, you, too, will find
the question intriguing.

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