Are you “rhythmically challenged”?


When I talk to someone for the first time about Rhythm Full Circle, often that person claims to be “rhythmically challenged” or have “no rhythm.” How can that be? Your heart beats. Your breath flows in and out. Cycles of moons and seasons regulate your life. Our world is a symphony of vibration, pulse, and pattern.

We are rhythmic beings and being in rhythm is our natural state. A rhythm circle, based on the TaKeTiNa Rhythm Process, is a place to re-connect with this natural state. There is no agenda, schedule, or finished product. We don’t know how far we will go—the journey itself is the goal.


About Deborah

My name is Deborah Masterson. I'm a certified advanced TaKeTiNa teacher. I began to train with the founders, Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler in 1998 and continue to do so. My fascination with the mystery and power of rhythm was ignited when in 1988 I attended a Samulnori concert. For many years, I concentrated on Korean percussion and dance, both in Honolulu and in Korea. More recently, my explorations have included West African dundun, Cuban and Congolese congas, dumbek, and frame drum.
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