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My name is Deborah Masterson. I'm a certified advanced TaKeTiNa teacher. I began to train with the founders, Reinhard and Cornelia Flatischler in 1998 and continue to do so. My fascination with the mystery and power of rhythm was ignited when in 1988 I attended a Samulnori concert. For many years, I concentrated on Korean percussion and dance, both in Honolulu and in Korea. More recently, my explorations have included West African dundun, Cuban and Congolese congas, dumbek, and frame drum.

2017 Summer Solstice at the Labyrinth

There was a lovely crowd in attendance at the 2017 Summer Solstice walk at the ‘Awapuhi Labyrinth on the evening of June 20. Were you there? To find out about future events –like the upcoming September 22 Fall Equinox walk– get … Continue reading

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Leaving my bubble/The beat goes on…

I recently heard a podcast in which a man named Max, in service of breaking out of his routine, “leaving his bubble,” created an app to randomly choose a Facebook event for him to attend—drinking with Russians, acroyoga, a community pancake breakfast. … Continue reading

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Explore Rhythm…

…from the inside out Starting on the Big Island March 2015. Immerse yourself in this form of moving, musical exploration. Develop your awareness and deepen your understanding of rhythm in its many forms. You don’t need to play an instrument. … Continue reading

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Are you “rhythmically challenged”?

When I talk to someone for the first time about Rhythm Full Circle, often that person claims to be “rhythmically challenged” or have “no rhythm.” How can that be? Your heart beats. Your breath flows in and out. Cycles of … Continue reading

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TaKeTiNa at Polestar on the Big Island

TaKeTiNa comes to the Big Island of Hawai‘i! Join me, Deborah, and my colleague Heidi Lawson at Polestar Spiritual Community for three delicious hours of  rhythmic exploration. 7 Noni Farm Road near Pāhoa Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 1 to 4 in … Continue reading

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Rhythm & Fractals

LISTEN to the report on NPR: Rhythm in music is about timing — when notes start and stop. And now scientists say they’ve found a curious pattern that’s common to musical rhythm. It’s a pattern also found in nature.

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What indeed?

I’ve just returned from the Bay Area and a week of immersion in the TaKeTiNa field. This patch of sidewalk lies just beside the community center where all major TaKeTiNa trainings, workshops, and other events have taken place over the … Continue reading

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