Visiting Colleagues from Berlin Offer Workshop

If your heart is beating, you have rhythm!

I’m excited to join two visiting TaKeTiNa colleagues, Helmut and Natascha from Berlin, who are offering a rhythm and movement workshop at East Hawai‘i Cultural Center on Saturday, June 29.

Experience deep relaxation as we offer you an opportunity to explore complex polyrhythms easily and naturally using our bodies as an instrument. We combine methodologies from not only TaKeTiNa, but also incorporate Helmut’s experience with sound therapy and improvisational rhythm structures, as well as Natascha’s expertise on African dance traditions and somatic movement. You need no previous musical or dance experience.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring only your curiosity!

Learn more about Helmut and Natascha and what we offer here.

About Deborah

My name is Deborah Masterson; I am the caretaker of the ‘Awapuhi Labyrinth on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. I'm also a certified advanced TaKeTiNa Rhythm teacher. My fascination with the mystery and power of rhythm was ignited when in 1988 I attended a Samulnori concert. For many years, I concentrated on Korean percussion and dance, both in Honolulu and in Korea. Over the intervening years, my explorations have included West African dundun, Afro-Cuban and Congolese congas, dumbek, frame drum, and classical Indian music. But these days I am into painting! Click on ART! in the main menu.
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