Fabulous Fables of India at the Hilo Library

myth & music

May 30 4:30–6:30pm

Hilo Public Library


Take a journey to India accompanied by our ensemble of story-tellers, dancers, and musicians. We bring to life three tales of heroism, romanticism, and grit featuring classical Indian ragas on North India instruments.

  • Thrill to the saga of Durga, the quintessential Indian heroine on her quest.
  • Unwind to the story of the Madhuvanti’s soothing honey.
  • Accompany the first-ever ferryboat woman of India on her maiden voyage.

Storytellers Stephanie, Karishma, and Christina spin the tales. Christina also dances with Jack. Musicians Laurie, Deborah, and Joann perform on various Indian and Asian instruments.

email: SunGodTemple@hotmail.com

This program is free and suitable for all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please contact the library 10 days in advance to request a  sign language interpreter or if other special accommodation is needed.