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RhythmFullCircle is pleased to announce our affiliation with Laurie Kali. Laurie performs with a 22-string slide veena, an instrument similar to the Indian sitar and Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Laurie also plays the ancient 39-string Indian sarangi. She has classical training in Indian and South Asian Music. Deborah accompanies Laurie on various drums. Visit Laurie’s webpage and find her on Facebook & YouTube.

We would love to play for you
art openings, weddings, parties, kirtans, yoga classes–use your imagination. The audio example here is a shortened version of Raga Durga, a long piece celebrating the “Wonder Woman” myth of India. The veena starts slowly and quietly and gradually speeds up, adding percussion. We can also enlist story-tellers and/or dancers.

Audio clip sample of Durga Raga

Video clip from Fabulous Fables of India at Hilo Public Library • May 30, 2018

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